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Bountiful Dachshunds


Birthday: June 6, 2019
Sex: Male
Color: Black/Cream 
Projected Adult Weight: 11-12 lbs.

Personality: Very well socialized, Baxter has a very well balanced personality-the perfect balance of easy going, very attentive, friendly, confident, playful and is even more so when he has another buddy to play with...human or another pet. He's almost finished with all his vaccinations!

My Mom:

My Dad:

My mom is Nora. Nora is a Clear Cream Longhaired Miniature Female weighing 11 lbs. She has a very friendly, gentle and calm demeanor. She loves to sit next to her people (all day if she could) and cuddle and she also loves to play with her dachshund buddies in a game of chase and tug a war. 

My dad Pepper. Pepper is a Black/Cream Longhaired Miniature Male weighing 10 lbs. He's a peppy, friendly, outgoing little guy and loves to play with his people and dachshund family/friends. He is cautious of men but loves the ladies.